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Vol. 07, No. 02 (2021)

Table of Content

1. Trust Model for Online Reviews of Tourism Services and Evaluation of Destinations

2. A Spoonful of Sugar Gamification as Means for Enhancing Employee Self-Leadership and Self-Concordance at Work

3. Does Person Organization Fit and Person-Job Fit Mediate the Relationship between Public Service Motivation and Work Stress among U.S. Federal Employees

4. Eco-Efficiency and Stock Market Volatility. Emerging Markets Analysis

5. The Impact of New Ways of Working on Organizations and Employees. A Systematic Review of Literature

6. The Effect of Servant Leadership on Self-Efficacy and Innovative Behaviour. Verification of the Moderated Mediating Effect of Vocational Calling

7. Utilizing Self-Leadership to Enhance Gratitude Thought Patterns

8. Self-Leadership and Psychological Capital as Key Cognitive Resources for Shaping Health-Protective Behaviors during the COVID-19 Pandemic

9. Influence of Gender Determinants on Informal Care and Health Service Utilization in Spain Ten Years after the Approval of the Equality Law

10. Ethical Leadership Ethical Climate and Integrity Violation A Comparative Study in Saudi Arabia and Malaysia

11. The Impact of Entrepreneurial Passion on the Entrepreneurial Intention; Moderating Impact of Perception of University Support

12. Clusters of Elements for Quality Assurance of Health Worker Protection Measures in Times of COVID-19 Pandemic

13. Environmental Management Human Resource Management and Green Human Resource Management A Literature Review

14. Understandings of Social Innovation within the Danish Public Sector. A Literature Review

15. The Effect of Ethical Leadership on Work Engagement and Workaholism. Examining Self-Efficacy as a Moderator

16. Informal Network Structure and Knowledge Sharing in Organizations. An Empirical Study of a Korean Paint Manufacturing Company

17. The Social Media “Magic” Virtually Engaging Visitors during COVID-19 Temporary Closures

18. Family Firms and Innovation from Founder to Successor

19. Value Co-Creation between Public Service Organizations and the Private Sector. An Organizational Capabilities Perspective

20. Industry 4.0 Readiness of Technology Companies A Pilot Study from Malaysia

21. Living Labs for Public Sector Innovation. An Integrative Literature Review

22. Citizen Coproduction and Social Media Communication. Delivering a Municipal Government’s Urban Services through Digital Participation