Author Instructions

Submission guidelines:

Authors are required to refer at least one reviewer for peer review purpose. Paper acceptance or rejection depends upon the review report submitted by the reviewer. Papers should only be submitted through submission form. Any submission through email will not be entertained.


Publication fee:

Publication fee should be deposited in our USA Bank Account, only after acceptance of paper.



The papers should be typed in 5” x 7.5” measurements (i.e. width = 5”, height 7.5”). Manuscript should be typed in Times New Roman (10-points medium). However, all headings should be bold, with main headings in UPPER CASE and centered, while sub-headings in Lower case and left justified.



The articles should be formatted according to the instructions. These should preferably be typed in Microsoft Word. Running titles should be inserted to print on the top of the page in the following manner:


First Page: No running title, only page number in the bottom center, 0.25” away from the bottom line of the page.


Odd Page: Page no. left justified, Author (s) name right justified.


Even Page: Article’s caption, left justified Page no. right justified.


Running title: Running title should print 0.25” away from the top line of the page.


Papers must be submitted to Editor through online submission form. Paper should be typed double spaced. Title should be as concise as possible. The abbreviated title should also be given as a running title and be given at the bottom of the first page entitled “Running Title”.


Each paper is required to contain an abstract, which should be descriptive and should not exceed 200 words. It should indicate all the main results in the paper.


Each section and formula should be numbered in Arabic numbers including acknowledgement and references. Footnotes and explanations in parentheses should be avoided as far as possible. In case footnotes are essential, these should be identified by superscript number in the text and typed at the bottom of the page separating it from the main text by a line.



Key Words used in the paper are required and should be given following the abstract. Any word in the title of the paper should not be repeated as a key word.



Each figure, diagram and table should be prepared on separate pages with proper titles and numbers on top of figures and tables.


Standard notations should be used. Symbols like ‘one’ and ‘ell’, ‘kappa’ and ‘kay’, ‘o’ and ‘zero’ etc. should be properly distinguished. In case of confusion, the letter should be described in the margins. Superscripts, subscripts and sub-subscripts should be in different sizes.


References should be listed at the end of the paper serially. No reference should be listed unless cited in the text of the paper. The references should be typed double spaced and should follow the APA style