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Vol. 06, No. 04 (2020)

Table of Content

1. Quality Management Systems and Working Capital SMEs in GPO—A Case of Poland

2. Toward a Multi-Sided Model of Service Quality for Logistics Service Providers

3. Trusted Decision-Making Data Governance for Creating Trust in Data Science Decision Outcomes

4. Does Work-Life Balance Moderate the Relationship between Career Commitment and Career Success Evidence from an Emerging Asian Economy

5. Emotional Intelligence of Managers in Family Businesses in Slovakia

6. Does Stewardship Theory Provide a Viable Alternative to Control-Fixated Performance Management

7. Women’s Entrepreneurship in the Global South Empowering and Emancipating

8. Cognitive Biases in Critical Decisions Facing SME Entrepreneurs An External Accountants’ Perspective

9. Private Label and Macroeconomic Indicators Europe and USA

10. SMEs’ International Strategic Groups and Top Managers’ Psychological Characteristics

11. Projection of SDGs in Codes of Ethics—Case Study about Lost in Translation

12. Workaholism in IT An Analysis of the Influence Factors

13. The Medium of Exchange in Mergers and Acquisitions The Cases of Travel Agencies and Tour Operators

14. Multi-Level State Interventions and Gender Equality in Higher Education Institutions The Irish Case

15. Review of Selected Performance Measurement Models Used in Public Administration

16. Network Governance for Collective Action in Implementing United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

17. Transport in the COVID-19 Pandemic Based on Core Consumers’ Values

18. Revenues of Municipalities as a Tool of Local Self-Government Development (Comparative Study)

19. Algorithmic Foundations of Economic and Mathematical Modeling of Network Logistics Processes

20. An Investigation of What Factors Determine the Way in Which Customer Satisfaction Is Increased through Omni-Channel Marketing in Retail

21. Applying the Balanced Scorecard and Predictive Analytics in the Administration of a European Funding Program

22. Can Cognitive Capital Sustain Customer Satisfaction The Mediating Effects of Employee Self-Efficacy

23. Cryptocurrency Market Analysis from the Open Innovation Perspective

24. Generation Z and Key-Factors on E-Commerce A Study on the Portuguese Tourism Sector

25. Knowledge-Sharing Strategies in Distributed Collaborative Product Development

26. Organizational and Environmental Factors with the Mediating Role of E-Commerce and SME Performance

27. Elements of the Persistence in Innovation Systematic Literature Review

28. Does religiosity matter? Entrepreneurial intentions in Pakistani business students