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Vol. 05, No. 01 (2019)

Table of Content

1. A Leap from Negative to Positive Bond. A Step towards Project

2. What Form of Visibility Affects Earnings Management. Evidence from Italian Family and Non-Family Firms

3. An Intelligent Advisory System to Support Managerial Decisions for A

4. Challenges for Management in Implementing Reforms at the Ministry

5. Efficiency and Effectiveness of the European Parliament under the

6. Value Positions and Relationships in the Swedish Digital Government

7. The Role of In-Flight Service Quality on Value for Money in Business Class A Logit Model on the Airline Industry

8. Estimating Conditional Value at Risk in the Tehran Stock Exchange Based on the Extreme Value Theory Using GARCH Models

9. International Branch Campuses as an Entry Mode to the Foreign Education Market

10. Strengthening Tourists’ Engagement in Guided Hiking and Trekking

11. Planning Project Stakeholder Engagement from a Sustainable Development Perspective

12. The Effect of Monetary Incentives on Individual and Organizational Performance in an Italian Public Institution

13. Life Cycle Approaches for the Environmental Impact Assessment of Organizations. Defining the State of the Art

14. Exploring Strategy-Making in ‘Non-New Public Management’ Public

15. Growth Intention and Growth in Small Accounting Firms

16. How to Carry out the Transition towards a More Circular Tourist Activity in the Hotel Sector.The Role of Innovation

17. Impact of Entrepreneurial Education Programs on Total Entrepreneurial Activity. The Case of Spain

18. Knowledge, Renewal and Flexibility. Exploratory Research in Family Firms

19. Life Cycle Assessment of Honey. Considering the Pollination Service

20. Managing Restaurant Attributes for Destination Satisfaction. What Goes beyond Food

21. Managing the Complexity through New Forms of Financial Reporting. A Multiple Case Study on Italian Public Museums

22. Oligopolistic Competition among Providers in the Telecommunication Industry. The Case of Slovakia

23. Organisational Culture as a Determinant of Business Process Management in the Community Officesin Poland

24. Rivals When We Work Together. Team Rivalry Effects on Performance in Collaborative Learning Groups

25. Smart and Green Buildings Features in theDecision-Making Hierarchy of Office Space Tenants. An Analytic Hierarchy Process Study

26. The Best Practice of CRM Implementation for Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises

27. The Effects of Corruption in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems on Entrepreneurial Intentions

28. The Role of the Geographical Textbooks in Grounding Negative Stereotypes of a Tourism Destination—The Case of Upper Silesian Conurbation in Poland

29. The Role of Universities in Sustainability-Oriented Competencies Development. Insights from an Empirical Study on Polish Universities

30. Why and How Women in Business Can Make Innovations in Light of the Sustainable Development Goals

31. The degree of knowledge of the elements of the educational curriculum among secondary school social studies teachers in the city of Dammam in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.