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Vol. 06, No. 03 (2020)

Table of Content

1. Am I an Entrepreneur. Entrepreneurial Self-Identity as an Antecedent of Entrepreneurial Intention

2. Achieving Employability as We Age. The Role of Age and Achievement Goal Orientations on Learning and Employability

3. The Relations between Dynamic Capabilities and Core Competencies on the Case of Polish Companies

4. Determinants of Residents’ Word-of-Mouth Behavior and Support for Tourism

5. Cluster Typology of Business Models of Start-Ups. (Example of Slovakia)

6. Relationship among Travel Motivation, Satisfaction and Revisit Intention of Skiers. A Case Study on the Tourists of Urumqi Silk Road Ski Resort

7. Measuring Learning Outcomes of Entrepreneurship Education Using Structural Equation Modeling

8. The Role of a Leader in Stimulating Innovation in an Organization

9. Getting Nothing from Something. Unfulfilled Promises of Current Dominant Approaches to Entrepreneurial Decision-Making

10. Core Self-Evaluations Self-Leadership and the Self-Serving Bias in Managerial Decision Making. A Laboratory Experiment

11. International Performance of SMEs’ International Strategic Groups

12. Leadership Self-Efficacy and Organizational Commitment of Faculty Members. Higher Education

13. The Feeling of Fear among Local Government Administration Employees as a Result of the Introduction of E-Administration

14. The Impact of Industry 4.0 on Jobs Creation within the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Family Businesses in Slovakia

15. Servant Leadership in the Context of Mosque. A Qualitative Case Study of Muslim Women’s Perspectives

16. The Effects of Hackathons on the Entrepreneurial Skillset and Perceived Self-Efficacy as Factors Shaping Entrepreneurial Intentions

17. Competence Development and Employability Expectations. A Gender Perspective of Mobility Programmes in Higher Education

18. High-Performance Work Practices and Organizational Innovativeness. The Roles of Relational Coordination Competencies and Market Turbulence as a Mediator or Moderator

19. Trouble in Paradise. Barriers to Open Innovation in Regional Clusters in the Era of the 4th Industrial Revolution

20. Dynamic Relations Between Public External Debt and Economic Growth in African Countries. A Curse or Blessing

21. Managing Knowledge, Dynamic Capabilities, Innovative Performance, and Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantage in Family Companies A Case Study of a Family Company in Indonesia

22. Investigating the Moderating Role of Environmental Uncertainty between Institutional Pressures and ERP Adoption in Jordanian SMEs

23. A Predictive Model for Assessing the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Economies of Some Eastern European Countries

24. Innovative Perspective of Marketing Engagement. Enhancing Users’ Loyalty in Social Media through Blogging