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Vol. 06, No. 02 (2020)

Table of Content

1. Leadership beyond Narcissism. On the Role of Compassionate Love as Individual Antecedent of Servant Leadership

2. A Systematic Literature Review on Existing Digital Government Architectures. State of the Art, Challenges, and Prospects

3. The Dynamics between State Control and Metropolitan Governance Capacity

4. From Trash to Cash. How Block chain and Multi-Sensor-Driven Artificial Intelligence Can Transform Circular Economy of Plastic Waste.

5. Valuing Reciprocal Synergies in Merger and Acquisition Deals Using the Real Option Analysis

6. The Circular Economy Business Model Examining Consumers’ Acceptance of Recycled Goods

7. The Influence of Core Self-Evaluations on Group Decision Making Processes A Laboratory Experiment

8. Embracing Variety in Decision-Making Regarding Adoption of Industry 4.0

9. Indicators of Efficiency in the Pharmaceutical Management of a Public Health System

10. Service Quality, Relationship Benefit and Experience Value in the Auto Repair Services Sector

11. Relationship between Organizational Climate and Innovation Capability in New Technology-Based Firms

12. Have the Reports of TQM’s Death Been Greatly Exaggerated A Re-Examination of the Concept’s Historical Popularity Trajectory

13. State Capacity and Tolerance towards Tax Evasion First Evidence from Romania

14. The Legitimation of Planning Processes as a Challenge to Metropolitan Governance

15. Strategic Orientation and Effects of E-Administration Findings from the Miles and Snow Framework

16. Can International Market Indices Estimate TASI’s Movements The ARIMA Model

17. The Issues and Challenges of Local Government Units in the Era of Population Ageing

18. Evolution of Technology and Technology Governance

19. The Passway of Women Entrepreneurship Starting from Social Capital with Open Innovation, through to Knowledge Sharing and Innovative Performance

20. Empirical Analysis of a Management Function’s Failures in Construction Project Delay