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Vol. 06 No. 01 (2020)

Table of Content

1. A Business Model Framework to Characterize Digital Multisided Platforms

2. A New Optimization Technique for the Location and Routing Management in Agricultural Logistics

3. An Organizational Perspective on ArtScience Collaboration Opportunities and Challenges of Platforms to Collaborate with Artists

4. Analysis of the Dissemination Index of the Information of the Different Players of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in the Valencian Community

5. Application of Simulation to Selecting Project Strategy for Autonomous Research Projects at Public Universities

6. Conceptualizing the Relationship between Personal Values and Sustainability—A TMO Case Study

7. Coopetition in the SoC Industry. The Case of Qualcomm Incorporated

8. Do Synergies Pop up Magically in Digital Transformation-Based Retail M&A. Valuing Synergies with Real Options Application

9. Effects of System Management on Value Creation and Global Growth in Born Startups. Focusing on Born Startups in Korea

10. Employer Branding Implementation and Human Resource Management in Greek Telecommunication Industry

11. Footwear Design Strategies for the Thai Footwear Industry to Be Excellent in the World Market

12. Human Resources Readiness for Industry 4.0

13. Measuring Patent Value Indicators with Patent Renewal Information

14. Model Development of Innovative Wood Substitutes for the Sustainable Growth of the Thai Wood Substitution Industry

15. New Product Development from Inactive Problem Perspective in Indonesian SMEs to Open Innovation (1)

16. New Regulations on Medical Devices in Europe. Are They an Opportunity for Growth. (1)

17. Responsible Research and Innovation in Enterprises. Benefits, Barriers and the Problem of Assessment (1)

18. Subsidiarity Principle—Its Realization in Self-Government in Lithuania and Poland (1)

19. Sustainability Performance Indicators and Non-Financial Information Reporting Evidence from the Italian Case (1)

20. The Impact of Multimarket Competition on Innovation Strategy Evidence from the Korean Mobile Game Industry (1)

21. The Role of Monetary Incentives. Bonus and Stimulus (1)

22. The Social Cost of Informal Electronic Waste Processing in Southern China (1)

23. Tracking Sustainability Targets with Quantitative Indicator Systems for Performance Measurement of Industrial Symbiosis in Industrial Parks (1)

24. What Do Coordinators Do. Mental Health Policy Implementation as Translation.docx (1)

25. What Shapes Local Innovation Policies. Empirical Evidence from Japanese Cities (1)