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Vol. 04, No. 01 (2018)

Table of Content

1. Improved Methods for Predicting the Financial Vulnerability of Nonprofit Organizations

2. Firm Readiness Level for Innovation Projects. A New Decision-Making Tool for Innovation Managers

3. Do Brands Matter in Unlisted Firms. An Empirical Study of the Association between Brand Equity and Financial Performance

4. The Determinants of Tourist Preferences of the Mediterranean Region

5. Workplace Integration. Key Considerations for Internationally Educated Nurses and Employers

6. Entrepreneurship Skills Development in Higher Education Courses for Teams Leaders

7. Ascending An Exploration of Women’s Leadership Advancement in the Role of Board of Trustee Chair

8. Evolving Government Information Processes for Service Delivery. Identifying Types & Impact

9. Paths and Challenges of New Technologies. The Case of Nanotechnology-Based Cosmetics Development in Brazil

10. Innovative Female-Led Startups. Do Women in Business Underperform

11. The Effects of Knowledge Sharing on Individual Creativity in Higher Education Institutions. Socio-Technical View

12. Managing Your Brand for Employees. Understanding the Role of Organizational Processes in Cultivating Employee Brand Equity

13. Adoption of Gender-Responsive Budgeting (GRB) by an Italian Municipality

14. Technology Transfer Models and Elements in the University-Industry Collaboration

15. Expanding Australian Indigenous Entrepreneurship Education Ecosystems

16. It’s Always a Women’s Problem! Micro-Entrepreneurs, Work-Family Balance and Economic Crisis

17. The Psychology of Queuing for Self-Service. Reciprocity and Social Pressure

18. The Middle East and Africa Code of Promotional Practices in the Pharmaceutical Industry

19. Social Media and Customer-Based Brand Equity. An Empirical Investigation in Retail Industry

20. Female Entrepreneurship in Perspective. A Methodological Issue

21. An Exploratory Study of Consumer Attitudes toward Green Cosmetics in the UK Market

22. Gender Leadership and Excellence. The Case of Higher Education in Lebanon