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Vol. 09, No. 02 (2023)

Table of Content

1. Rethinking Architectural design and hospital transformation through need based assessment in lieu of COVID19 pandemic. A case for missing epidemic considerations in healthcare design optimization.

Omer Shujat Bhatti, Dr. Muhammad Asad Ghufran, Prof. Dr. Attaullah Shah

2. The influence of cultural and economic inequalities on academic performance of students.

Dr Gbenga Michael Adeyeye

3. Academic Stress Predictors Among First year Tertiary Students: School Environment, Self-concept, Workload and Classroom Size.

Adewuyi Habeeb Omoponle, Veronica Dwarika

4. Cultural Adaptation and Urdu Translation of the Fear-Avoidance Beliefs Questionnaire (FABQ) for Enhanced Clinical Outcomes: Validation Study.

Muhammad Shahid, Prof. Dr. Mohammad A Mohseni Bandpei, Prof. Dr. Ashfaq Ahmed

5. Investigating the challenges of teaching and learning Business Studies in South African rural high schools: in pursuit of enhanced classroom practices.

Thulile Felicia Mbonambi, Bongani Thulani Gamede, Oluwatoyin Ayodele Ajani

6. Effectivess Mobile Learning for Emergency Learning in Disaster Area.

Sugiharto, DYP, Rafika Bayu Kusumandari

7. Status and experience of mathematics teachers’ perception of integrating computer adaptive testing into unified tertiary matriculation examination mathematics.

Oluwaseyi Aina Gbolade Opesemowo, Mdutshekelwa Ndlovu

8. Student’s retention in learning of English grammar: the jigsaw ii way.

Adesegun O. Odutayo

9. How digital divide lingers on in south african higher education: lived experiences of rural students during the covid-19 pandemic.

Oluwatoyin Ayodele Ajani

10. Exploring the Interconnectedness of Skills Gap and Unemployment: The Role of Sociodemographic Variables.

John Olayemi Okunlola

11. Exploring the Interrelationship among Transformational leadership, digital advertising Adoption, E-Commerce Adoption, Environmental Performance, Financial Performance, and Green Marketing Innovation: An investigation in the post-COVID era.

Hamza Akram, Ahsan Mahmood, Rabia Kanwal, Muhammad Ayyan Siddique, Tuba Rasheed

12. A comparative study of women participation in Nigeria’s political, governance and civic spaces.

Olawale Olufemi AKINRINDE, Salisu Ogbo USMAN, Abdullah Abdulazeez OSUWA, Mohammed Nasiru IBRAHIM, Daniel Ogunbunmi

13. Leading learning in paperless classrooms: experiences of leaders and teachers.

Mpho Moyahabo Motebele, Kathija Yassim, Chinaza Uleanya

14. Predictors of bullying among adolescents: a critical study of the parenting processes, neighbourhood influence, and the school.

Habeeb Omoponle Adewuyi