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Vol. 07, No. 03 (2021)

Table of Content

1. Understanding Business Takeover Intentions – The Role of Theory of Planned Behavior and Entrepreneurship Competence

2. Challenging Times for Insurance, Banking and Financial Supervision in Saudi Arabia (KSA)

3. Breaking the Vicious Circle of Escalating Control. Connecting Politicians and Public Employees through Stewardship

4. Public Service Logic. An Appropriate Recipe for Improving Serviceness in the Public Sector..docx

5. An Examination of Street-Level Bureaucrats’ Discretion and the Moderating Role of Supervisory Support Evidence from the Field

6. Project Governance in State-Owned Enterprises. The Case of Major Public Projects’ Governance Arrangements and Quality Assurance Schemes

7. Cultivating Patriotism. A Pioneering Note on a Russian Dimension of Corporate Ethics Management

8. COVID-19 and People Management. The View of Human Resource Managers

9. Managing Open School Units Amid COVID-19 Pandemic through the Experiences of Greek Principals. Implications for Current and Future Policies in Public Education

10. Size of Business Unit as a Factor Influencing Adoption of Digital Marketing. Empirical Analysis of SMEs Operating in the Central European Market

11. Highly-Skilled Migrants, Gender, and Well-Being in the Eindhoven Region. An Intersectional Analysis

12. Public Value Co-Creation in Living Labs—Results from Three Case Studies

13. The Green Deal, National Energy and Climate Plans in Europe Member States’ Compliance and Strategies

14. Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Organisational Performance. An Analysis in the Malaysian Public Administration

15. Probing the Links between Workforce Diversity, Goal Clarity, and Employee Job Satisfaction in Public Sector Organizations

16. Exploring the Conceptual Structure of the Research on Innovation in Hotels through Co-Word Analysis

17. HRM Policies’ Impact on Employees’ Employability. The Role of Age Climate and the Offering of Developmental Measures

18. Pathways towards Women Empowerment and Determinants of Decent Work Deficit. A South Asian Perspective

19. Transformational Leadership and Turnover Intentions The Mediating Role of Employee Performance during the COVID-19 Pandemic

20. Rural Healthcare Enterprises in the Vortex of COVID-19 The Impact of Public Policies on the Internal and External Environment

21. R&D and Innovation Collaboration between Universities and Business—A PLS-SEM Model for the Spanish Province of Huelva

22. Perceptual Fluctuations within the Entrepreneurial Journey. Experience from Process-Based Entrepreneurship Training

23. Simulation of the Influence of External Factors on the Level of Use of the Regional Tourism Potential A Practical Aspect

24. Integrated Reporting Implementation and Core Activities Disclosure in UK Higher Education Institutions

25. Weaknesses in Motivation and in Establishing a Meritocratic System A Portrait of the Portuguese Public Administration

26. On the Relationship between Economic Dynamics and Female Entrepreneurship Reflections for the Visegrad Countries

27. The Impact of Organisational Culture on Performance of SMEs: A Case Study of SMEs within uMhlathuze Municipality

28. Impact of abusive supervision on emotional exhaustion, counterproductive work behaviors and intention to quit: moderating role of emotional intelligence

29. Role of organizational justice in facilitating LMX and its impact on psychological well-being and creativity of employees