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Vol. 07, No. 01 (2021)

Table of Content

1. Debureaucratization Limits in Administrative Procedures Codification Lessons from Slovenia

2. What Determines the Entrepreneurial Intentions of HighlySkilled Women with Refugee Experience An Empirical Analysis in the Context of Sweden

3. Perceived Discrimination of Highly Educated Latvian Women Abroad

4. Performance Driven Culture in the Public Sector. The Case of Nordic Countries

5. Highly Skilled Migrant and Non-Migrant Women and Men How Do Differences in Quality of Employment Arise

6. Examining the Influence of Store Environment in Hedonic and Utilitarian Shopping

7. Perceived Employability of Highly Skilled Migrant Women in STEM Insights from Labor Market Intermediaries’ Professionals

8. The Relationship among Family Business, Corporate Governance, and Firm Performance An Empirical Assessment in the Tourism Sector

9. Simplification of Administrative Procedure on the Example of the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary (V4 Countries)

10. Closing the Gap between Graduates’ Skills and Employers’ Requirements A Focus on the Strategic Management Capstone Business Course

11. The Impact of Self-Management Practices on Entrepreneurial Psychological States

12. Detecting Bid-Rigging in Public Procurement. A Cluster Analysis Approach

13. Entrepreneurship Education Challenges for Green Transformation

14. Creating or Destructing Value in Use Handling Cognitive Impairments in Co-Creation with Serious and Chronically Ill Users

15. Employee Well-Being Evaluation and Proposal of Activities to Increase the Level of Health’s Area The Czech Case

16. Samsung vs. Apple How Different Communication Strategies Affect Consumers in Portugal

17. Value Co-Creation Process and Measurement in 4.0 SMEs An Exploratory Research in a B2B Marketing Innovation Context

18. The Nefarious Hierarchy. An Alternative New Theory of the Firm

19. Co-Production of Digital Public Services in Austrian Public Administrations

20. New Age Informality Hispanics and the Sharing Economy

21. NGO Public Administration Relationships in Tackling the Homelessness Problem in the Czech Republic and Poland

22. Self-Leadership. A Four Decade Review of the Literature and Trainings